Rest in the gazebo

Certainly, outdoor recreation is impossible without kebabs, barbecue, soup from a happy catch. For these purposes at the base built gazebo with this stove, barbecue grills, and. A favorite place to sit back in the company of friends, enjoyed the process of cooking meat. Rent Mangala – FREE. You can also buy coal and means for ignition.

Table tennis

Training of all muscles and lots of positive emotions and it’s all about ping pong. Playing table tennis will be a wonderful opportunity to have fun and stay active, remember school days, arrange the tournament, the loser washes the dishes throughout the rest.


Billiards -as is considered to be one of the favorite pastimes of men. We invite you to take a break from all the everyday affairs, immersed in an atmosphere of intellectual sports game in a cozy atmosphere, have to communicate and recreation. The cost of one hour will be only 100 rubles received priceless emotions.


Fragrant steam birch broom, good company and a positive mood will not leave indifferent judges of the Russian bath. Well take a steam bath, znachitokazat invaluable help your health, restore physical strength and good spirits! Especially good bathhouse, after an active holiday, frosty walks, hunting and fishing, it would be the best end of the day, podarivvam feeling of euphoria, lightness and absolute harmony with the environment. Remember that the bath must be booked in advance, so that we may well melt it and prepare everything for you. Bath shall be at least two hours, the cost per hour is 800 rubles. When ordering three hours, four hours for you as a gift.

ATV Rentals

Rent ATV – a great opportunity to diversify leisure, spiced with your adrenalin holiday. At your disposal hectares of forest, with many not izezzhennoy routes, and for the convenience and security will work with you instructor who learned everything and everyone will tell. Warning! The service is available with a reservation. The price includes: rent ATV, an instructor, gasoline, protective equipment for participants to learn all the details you can contact us by phone 8 (920) 477-70-59

Boats to Rent

We offer you a pleasant boat trip on the river Tsne. Beauty and tranquility of the forest landscape surface of the river will give an unforgettable experience, a state of peace and tranquility. Boating parents can please their children, friends to find a place for a pleasant conversation, and a pair of lovers -romantichno spend time enjoying the breeze and stunning sunset palette. And lovers of fishing, we rented a motor or rowing boat, will retire away from the shore of the favorite fishing process.


Outside the gates of recreation can enjoy open spaces, and even drive! Dzhippingprogulki for you around the neighborhood on the prepared avtomobile.Eto drive, off-road and uncontrolled emotions! The duration of 20-30 minutes. The cost 500 rubles. per person. Snowmobiling Feel extreme taste, dip in a blizzard! Snowmobiling, even in the passenger seat -poistine extreme adventure that will be remembered for a long time, give a vivid impression and a healthy glow!

Walking through the woods

What luck to wake up in the morning without an alarm clock from the kitchen to find … fragrant warm breakfast and refreshed to go for a walk in the woods. Go slowly, admiring the beauty of untouched nature, breathing the fresh heady scent of the forest, to feel as nice pinches cheeks frost. It seems this is the beauty collected spokoynogozagorodnogo rest. Rest on our database, certainly please those who revel in the quiet, serene atmosphere and like to enjoy nature. Mummy, we want to remind you about the benefits of pine air for a growing body of your child. We will be happy to see you and your children!

Mushroom picking

We offer you a unique opportunity to visit the pine forest. Our wood can be called sterile, because there is almost no dust. She settles on a resinous crust and branches, and with the rain washed away the earth. You can always, go to the pine forest, to breathe clean and healthy air and just relax in peace and quiet. For fans to pick mushrooms, we simply paradise. Boletus and greenfinches are the yields, however, are not the only mushrooms in our woods. On the plains can be found blewits gray, white fungus. In young abundant fruit honey. These families grow on stumps or around the trunks. Also, are found mushrooms that grow in wet lowlands groups and glades. In young animals, after each rain, butter mushrooms appear, they grow in the grass under a single trees.