Hunting and fishing

On the basis of rest “Razgulayu” Hunters and Fishermen will find a unique opportunity to spend a memorable holiday with traditional cooking soup, kebabs, with a bathhouse on firewood and other available games in our arsenal.

This holiday is inexhaustible energy charge and mass of beautiful experiences!


Each hunter will agree that it’s just not a hobby, it is less avoidable passion, allowing us to obtain incomparable sensations and the sea of adrenaline.

If desired, our guests, we are ready to help you organize an exciting hunt, because around us coniferous and deciduous forests abound with various game and provide an excellent opportunity to hunt elk, wild boar, deer, hare, marten, ermine, fox.

Poultry can be your trophy grouse, partridge, woodcock, wild ducks and even wood pigeons.

Do not restrain the desire to hunt, look at these happy faces, is it possible to indulge in this pleasure.

Join now!


And fans of fishing we can offer fishing from shore and boat on the beautiful river Tsne in which the usual bream, chub, perch, roach, ruff, schuka.sudak, ide, rudd, bleak, carp, catfish.

Motives for hunting or fishing can be: bet competition, picnic and even a business meeting.

Fishing is not less fascinating pastime, either alone or in the company of family and friends. Moreover this entertainment is available year-round and year-round fishermen will not be left without fish.

Fish, then give yourself a very special feeling, and cooked on a fire with his own fish caught will be your best reward!

We have based you can rent a boat and all the fishing, hunting, and you do not have to worry about it.