RULES AND PROCEDURES RESERVATION, VILLAGES, accommodation and services at the recreation center “RAZGULYAU”

Dear Guests, thank you for the choices made by you in favor of recreation “Razguliay.” These rules shall govern the provision of services, the rules of use of the property and responsibility of the parties.

All guests are required to base read these rules and abide by them.

1. General Provisions.

Policies at the recreation center “Razguliay” developed in accordance with the federal law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, “Rules of hotel services in the Russian Federation” and other legislative acts in force in the territory of the Russian Federation, adjustable relationship between performers and customers in the area of hotel services.
1.1.Baza holiday designed for relaxation of Russian and foreign citizens in a comfortable cottage on the banks of the River Cna.
1.2.Pervoocherednoe right to place in the recreation get a person with a confirmed reservation is made.

2. Reservation.
2.1.Bronirovanie in two ways:
the telephone number 8915674 07 33 or via online booking form recreation “Razguliay.”
2.2.Bronirovanie performed by the administrator accommodation services.
2.3.Bron considered confirmed only after payment of 100% of the cost of living.
Prepayment when booking is made non-cash to the account of OOO “Razguliay” sent to you via e-mail. Payment must be made by the client during the day after the filing of the application administration database. In the case of non-payment of a reservation shall be canceled.
Booking confirmation is sent to the customer by e-mail, specified in the application. Confirmation shall be presented at check-administrator recreation.
2.4.Esli guest wishes to change the dates of arrival, you must notify the service of accommodation at least 1 month prior to the stated date of arrival.
2.5.Garantirovannoe book is reserved for the guests during the first day of the placement (before check-out time the day following the day of arrival). If you miss more than a day reservation is canceled.
When non-delivery or late (delayed) cancellation, return the Guest myproizvodim advance payment minus the penalty:
- If a cancellation occurs more than 15 days before the planned date of arrival – 100% of the amount of prepayments;
- If a cancellation occurs more than 10 days before the planned date of arrival – 50% of the amount prepaid;
- If a cancellation occurs more than 7 days before the planned date of arrival – 30% of the prepaid amount.
- If a failure occurs in less than 7 days of arrival date – no refund.
2.6.Baza rest is entitled to a cancellation policy in case of force majeure.
In this case, the sum will be refunded in full.

3. The procedure for registration of residence at the recreation center and payment services.
3.1.Arenda cottage recreation carried out on the basis of a passport, with the consent of the guest with the terms and documenting residence.
3.2.Administratsiya may refuse to settling guests in the case of:
- Lack of a passport, military ID or other identity document issued in manner prescribed by law;
- Repeated or flagrant violation of these rules, a customer residing in a recreation center;
3.3.Plata for accommodation in a recreation made at prices that are communicated to the consumer in the form of a price list for a certain period of administration of recreation.
3.4.Na recreation center is a single checkout time – 12 hours of the current day local time.
Administration allows guest accommodation at the recreation only paid for a period of time. At the end of the period of stay guest is obliged to leave the room until checkout time.
3.5.Pri accommodation for less than a day will be charged per day, regardless of check-out time. Accommodation at the recreation center after 00:00 of the first day is considered to be booked and paid for a late arrival for a full day stay.
3.6.Usluga “Early check in” (your room until 12:00) is carried out only when the house is free and will be charged at 30% of the days. Reservations for this service is not available.
3.7.Usluga “Late check out” is available only if there is no armor at the cottage. If the guest wants to extend his stay, he must inform the manager on duty for at least one day prior to the previously scheduled departure.
Extension of stay on incomplete day rate:
- When leaving until 18:00 – 30% of the room;
- When leaving until 24:00 – 50% of the room;
- At the check-in after 24:00 – 100% of the room.

4. Policies.

4.1.Klyuch from the cottage is issued on arrival.
4.2.Prozhivayuschie must:
-berezhno Relate to property and equipment to the rest of the recreation center.
Guest is obliged to use all the items and equipment rooms and recreation only as directed.
In case of damage or loss of property to recover the cost of damage in accordance with the Act, the administration put up recreation;
- Do not create conditions for the emergence of a power outage, water and district heating networks and other technical, engineering sistem.Budte careful – 220 V is dangerous to life!
- Comply with fire safety rules, do not leave unattended electrical appliance.
- Open fire is allowed only in designated areas
- On the premises of the cottage is non-smoking !!! As well as the use of pyrotechnics;
4.3.Pri leaving the room must close the water tap, windows, turn off the light, radio, TV.
4.4.Administratsiya recreation reserves the right to visit without the consent of rooms guests only in the case of smoke, fire, flood, as well as in case of violation of the order of guest accommodation.
4.5. Recreation administration is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings left unattended.
4.6.Pri violation of these rules, late fees, material damage, the administration has the right to unilaterally refuse guests in further cooperation immediately without refund.
4.7.Pri departure of guests must make full payment for the additional services received and pass key.
4.8.Neustoyka in case of early departure is the cost of one night stay.
4.9.Kniga comments and suggestions will be presented to you on the first request (except for those in a state of intoxication).