Spiritual piece of Tambov

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Recreation “Razguliay” is located on the fertile land. A few kilometers away in the most beautiful place in Tambov three hundred eighty-five Mammoth desert attracts pilgrims from all over Russia. History Mammoth desert is closely linked with the history of the promotion and strengthening of Orthodoxy in the Tambov region. In 1629, the owner of the local land nun Martha Ivanovna allowed Elder Mamas base on St. Nicholas clearing deserts, in the name of “St. Nicholas”. It was he who, according to legend, found here in three limes large full-length icon of St. Nicholas, which was the reason for the …

Give yourself wings. (air flights and parachute jumps)


Certainly, each of us once in your life, looking at the sky, dreaming swim in its expanse, to experience the mysterious pleasure of flying and do not feel the incomparable freedom. And certainly interrupted myself thinking that it is not endowed with wings, but is that a reason to bring a dream . Our guests need only desire, about the opportunities we have taken care themselves. And we are ready to organize for you as flying a plane and skydive! Discovering these new and thrilling experience, you will not remain the same. “Once experienced flight, your eyes will be fixed …

Leisure without Borders (organization of leisure in Russia and abroad)

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There is a desire and opportunity to discover new horizons? Rest in different parts of Russia and abroad, the best possible option! We will organize for you an unforgettable and unique vacation from A to Z by your rules. We do not offer ready-made tour, we offer you a choice and will prepare you for any individual program. Fishing in the waters of the Primorsky Territory, hunting in the forests of Siberia, improvement in thermal springs of the Altai Territory, sunbathing Miami, tours of the Russian and foreign sights … With our help, any routes at your feet! You no …