Give yourself wings. (air flights and parachute jumps)


Certainly, each of us once in your life, looking at the sky, dreaming swim in its expanse, to experience the mysterious pleasure of flying and do not feel the incomparable freedom. And certainly interrupted myself thinking that it is not endowed with wings, but is that a reason to bring a dream .

Our guests need only desire, about the opportunities we have taken care themselves. And we are ready to organize for you as flying a plane and skydive!

Discovering these new and thrilling experience, you will not remain the same.

“Once experienced flight, your eyes will be fixed forever in heaven. One day to go there for life you are bound to miss about it. “

Leonardo da Vinci.

Services to individual and organized with the wishes of the guests, so the price and more information you will certainly know by calling 8 (920) 477-70-59