Leisure without Borders (organization of leisure in Russia and abroad)

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There is a desire and opportunity to discover new horizons? Rest in different parts of Russia and abroad, the best possible option! We will organize for you an unforgettable and unique vacation from A to Z by your rules. We do not offer ready-made tour, we offer you a choice and will prepare you for any individual program. Fishing in the waters of the Primorsky Territory, hunting in the forests of Siberia, improvement in thermal springs of the Altai Territory, sunbathing Miami, tours of the Russian and foreign sights … With our help, any routes at your feet!

You no longer need to worry about the nuances, all the trouble about you, we take upon ourselves. And provides a full range of services for the organization of Russian and foreign holiday, which traditionally includes:

transfers (including air and rail / train tickets);

rental housing and cars;

assistance in obtaining visas;

everything else depends entirely on your desire.

If our offer is exactly what you are looking for please contact us by phone 8 (920) 477-70-59 or send an e-mail email@xn—-7sbbefc1arrnxo6ak5p.xn--p1ai We will be glad to see you among our customers and friends!

On the basis of rest “Razguliay” lovers of active pastime will find a unique opportunity to spend a memorable vacation, and give you charge boundless energy and a lot of wonderful experiences!

We offer you a unique opportunity to visit the pine forest. Our wood can be called sterile, because there is almost no dust.

She settles on a resinous crust and branches, and with the rain washed away the earth.

You can always, go to the pine forest, to breathe clean and healthy air and just relax in peace and quiet.

For fans to pick mushrooms, we simply paradise. Boletus and greenfinches are the yields, however, are not the only mushrooms in our woods.

On the plains can be found blewits gray, white fungus.

In young abundant fruit honey. These families grow on stumps or around the trunks.

Also, are found mushrooms that grow in wet lowlands groups and glades.

In young animals, after each rain, butter mushrooms appear, they grow in the grass under a single trees.

At the request of our guests, we are ready to help you organize an exciting hunt, because around us coniferous and deciduous forests, they abound in different game, and provide an excellent opportunity to hunt elk, wild boar, deer, hare, marten, ermine, fox.

Poultry can be your trophy grouse, partridge, woodcock, wild ducks and even wood pigeons.

And fans of fishing we can offer fishing from shore and boat on the beautiful river Cna in which the usual bream, chub, perch, roach, ruff, schuka.sudak, ide, rudd, bleak, carp, catfish.

Motives for hunting or fishing can be: bet competition, picnic and even a business meeting.