Without exception, every happy couple dreams of a beautiful wedding that will become the new benchmark in their beautiful love story.

Organisation of Weddings, quite responsible and exciting activity for future newlyweds. And we understand that.

It is clear that long before kakbudet kuplenosamoe beautiful dress and tuxedo will hang in the closet of the groom, the question will arise “where hold the wedding.”

We do not deny that it is possible to find a lot of various cafes looking to offer their services to you, but because you really want to make your day was the most memorable, perhaps stoitprovesti his heart fairy forest, near the city of Tambov in the coffee bar “Razguliay.”

We will be happy to see you and have the opportunity to become a part of your holiday. Teamwork, unity of your wishes with our chefs and the organization of a wedding banquet, will inevitably bring the desired result.

Taste, quality and abundance of gastronomic three pillars on which rests our chefs in their work and their perceptions of how attentively should be treated even to trifles.

Spacious hall cafe “Razguliay” still one of the nice benefits as an opportunity for comfortable placement of a large number of guests and implementing a variety of ideas in the design. Everything else in the cafe there is a qualitative audiosistemai even a movie theater!

But it can become a regular highlight in the wedding, you and your guests will get an opportunity not only to express themselves in dance, but from the soul sing karaoke. Arrange his show “The Voice”!

And in addition to that we will be happy to offer you a two-storey comfortable apartments in our recreation, and you can spend not only a memorable wedding night, but their honey weekend.

Furthermore recreation center is a great option if you decide to extend your holiday! And you can afford it, because the question “Where is the?” Is now no longer exists.

A wedding is a clean and light holiday of two hearts, and we are ready to respond and consider your every desire, because we want to have in your life wedding day was exceptional memory, filled only with happiness.

Organization stag-party

The good old tradition to arrange wires bachelor life, on the eve of a new family now, will never lose its relevance.

Bachelor Party – is an important stop for every young guy on the road to marital happiness. In this case, everyone wants to spend his kompaniiluchshih friends and so forever remember his “violent youth”.

Invalid see only dissolute bachelor party.

This day is for the groom is no less important than the actual wedding. After he finishes bachelorhood. Yesterday’s just a good guy becomes a husband, and today some liberties behavior can still be forgiven him.

Agree that it would be a great option if the organization stag, lay on foreign shoulders and we are ready to lend you his, freeing you from the hassle.

This party organized on the basis of rest “Razguliay” will allow to spend an unforgettable time in nature, enjoying the last bachelor days.

Barbecues, sauna, billiards, hunting and fishing, karaoke songs and dances at a local cafe-bar is only the most basic, what we can offer.

By choosing us, you agree that your malchishnikmozhet be very diverse, please call and we will discuss all your wishes, and do not be afraid of new and bold ideas – and then will be more interesting and colorful memories.

Organize hen-party

Bachelorette party – one of the key “pre-wedding” ceremonies. According to tradition, on the eve of svadbynevesta gathers her friends to spend time with them last night of his free unmarried life.

The event for girls, which remains unchanged, only one rule – no men! other rules, perhaps, simply does not exist. Share experiences and secrets, reminisce, sing, dance.

On this day, the bride and her friends can all!

If you wish to leave a string of monotonous city cafes, and organize a memorable bachelorette party before the wedding somewhere in the country, it is obvious that you should dial our number.